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New Website!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

After revising my personal website many times over the years, I have (hopefully) found a steady platform which I can stick to for the foreseeable future. I have done pretty much everything, from Wordpress to a complete custom site, to self-hosting, paid hosting, and eventually free static site hosting using GitHub. After debating how much of this site should be WYSIWYG based versus a custom, hand-coded site, I have decided that paying for Wix Premium (about $17 a month) gives me the freedom and customizability that I want, while also providing a good balance of convenience-factor that I need with my busy schedule.

My last site was a custom static site freely hosted on GitHub. It was a basic site written in HTML using Bootstrap to make a mobile friendly website, and it worked okay, however it was BASIC, with no image scaling / compression, meaning that if I didn't scale down my pictures manually before uploading, the site would get super slow to load. It's these basic features and ideas like that you need to have to get a functional working site, and I was finding myself spending more time implementing this stuff than actually adding good content. Clearly this wasn't going to work!

A preview of the shenanigans that will go on this website.

With this new site and knowing the low frequency that I will be posting, many of my blog pages will read more like project outline pages that I will continually update over time, rather than spending the time to craft up an entirely new blog post to give an update to one of my projects.

That is all for now, I hope you like it!

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